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Delicious bread baked in Geneva using local organic ingredients.

The bread we sell is sourdough, it is baked in Geneva using local and organic ingredients which hold the Geneve Terrior stamp.  The bread is mixed and prepared by hand using traditional recipes and methods.  

This bread is delicious and it will keep for a week!


Dairy products from BIO and local farms

Our carefully selected range of dairy products is chosen with taste, the environment and animal welfare in mind.  Our yoghurt selection varies with the seasons.

Organic Wines

Our selection of wines is carefully chosen to ensure suppliers are following the best practices in sustainable growing practices.  We prefer to source products which have had a minimum level of intervention.  We also stock a range of natural wines from the region (no sulfur added).


Try out our local organic wine refill station with your own bottle!


Local fruit and vegetables

We use farmers who are members of Geneva Terre for all our fresh fruit and vegetables.  These are always seasonal and always fresh. 

Where possible we source organic local produce following biodynamic practices.


Food cupboard

Delicious condiments sourced locally and sustainably.  Most products hold the GRTA and BIO SUISSE accreditation. 

Our jams are made using fruit picked in the canton of Geneva.

Try our Geneva honey and Peanut butter!.


We source our coffee from the finest roasters in Geneva and prepare it to the finest Italian traditions.

All our milk is organic and local. 

Our packaging is bio degradable and recycled, you can bring your own cup for the discount and have a coffee in the shop too.

Coffee TOUT.png
Choclate making.png


Our Chocolate is some of the tastiest in the canton.  Made in Geneva using organic chocolate and the best fresh ingredients from the canton, we never use palm oil and sustainability is always at our heart. 

We rotate our chocolates with the seasons and we also take bespoke orders.

Beer and Cider

Coming primarily from the Geneva canton and holding the stamp of Geneve Terrior where possible, our Beers and Ciders are made using the finest locally grown ingredients with minimal intervention.  They are made by hand in small batches which gives them extra character.


Try our delicious and carefully chosen selection of Beers and Ciders.



Our range of cheese is sourced in collaboration with a local cheese shop and a local manufacturer of fresh mozzarella.

Much of our range is made using unpasteurised milk to retain more flavour. 

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